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Tourism in Roing

Roing is a place of immense scenic beauty. The beautiful trees and snow-clad mountains of the area are bound to catch the attention of the tourists. The Mayudia mountain pass remains snow-clad during the winter months. This is one of the main attractions of Roing. There are some ancient archaeological sites in Roing that satiates the inquisitive tourists. Northeast India, which is turning into a hot tourist spot has some of the most exquisite locations one can ever dream of.  Some of the tourist places in Roing include:


Iphipani is a beautiful picnic spot situated 10 km from Roing. From the area one can have a magnificent view of the plain valleys of the Dibang river. Angling and fishing is one of the primary activities of the spot.

Tourism in Roing


Hunli is sub-divisional headquarter situated 90 km from Roing. It is situated at an elevation of 5000 feet. The entire Hunli area is filled with lush greenery. The Hunli area is covered in tropical evergreen broad-leaved forests. Hunli is also a bird area. Birds like black eagle, bay woodpecker, rufous-bellied eagle, long-tailed broadbill, etc could be seen around the area. There is a circuit house situated on a ridge which gives majestic view of the picturesque valley of the town. Near Hunli there is a cave temple.

Tourism in Roing

Mehao lake

Mehao lake is a natural lake situated at Roing. The lake is one of the major attractions of Lower Dibang Valley. Geologists have classified the lake as Oliogotropic (low nutrient) lake. Fishes are not found in this lake. The lake covers an area of 4 sq km. It is a vast natural lake. The lake is a place of extreme natural beauty.

Tourists can have a glimpse of the varied flora and fauna in the surroundings of the lake. The lake is an ideal destination for boat ride walk. Trekking the small pathway leading to the lake through the virgin forests is a splendid experience. The lake is an important area for bird lovers; they can have a glimpse of large number of wild ducks who are attracted by the clear water of the lake.

Tourism in Roing

Rukmini Nati

Rukmini Nati is situated at the heart of the Chimiri village. It is 12 km from Roing. It is the ruin of princess Rukmini. The hill fort belongs to the 14th-15th century. There are remains of burnt and baked bricks which point to the erstwhile civilization. According to legends, the site was the palace of princess Rukmini, the daughter of king Bhishmaka.

Sally lake

Sally is a lake resort situated 3 km from Roing. It is a natural lake. The lake is surrounded by thick green forest. It is a spot of splendid landscape. It is an ideal place for the nature lovers. The serene and tranquil atmosphere by the side of the lake draws tourists to the place. The lake overlooks the beautiful valley down below on the far horizon and the gushing Dibang river. Different species of fishes could be seen in the clear water of the lake. There is also Sally lake tourist lodge in the place.

Tourism in Roing

Nehru Van Udyan

Nehru Van Udyan is a forest park situated barely 1 km from Roing. The park is situated on the bank of the Deopani river. The place at once catches the attraction of the tourists for its immaculate scenic beauty. The cool breeze coming from the Eje and the Eme river is a splendid experience to the tourists. There is a guest house in the park known as Eje-Breeze Tower. From the house tourists can have a magnificent view of the river Deopani. The park is a wonderful spot for the nature lovers. There is a garden in the park. There is also an orchid and cactus houses inside the park. Tourists can have a view of the beautiful orchids in the park.

Bhismaknagar Fort

Bhismaknagar is a heritage monument located 30 km from Roing in Lower Dibang Valley district in Arunachal Pradesh. The fort dates back to 8th century. It is the oldest archaeological site in the region. Bhismaknagar fort was built in the 8th century. There are the ruins of brick-built structures of 1860.52 sq km plinth area. There are three halls, two extension rooms and six entrances in the fort.

The site was first explored in 1848. It was excavated during 1965-70. Bhismaknagar is sacred to the Idu Mishmis. The fort is a symbol of their past glory. The fort indicates the bygone civilization that prevailed once in the area around Bhismaknagar. The area was a stronghold of the Chutias during 12 to 16 centuries. The excavations have thrown new light on the earlier antiquities of the place.

Bhismaknagar stands for the tribal and the Aryan ways of life. The area portrays the catholic spirit of ancient India and the contribution made by Idus to the Indian culture.

Bhismaknagar, with time has become a major contributor in the traditional culture of the people. Bhismaknagar is one of the major tourist spots of the Lower Dibang Valley district in Arunachal Pradesh and is abundant in beautiful landscape. The archeological ruins of Bhismaknagar are the major attractions of the place. The area is surrounded by lush greenery.


Another paradise for nature lovers in Roing is Nijomaghat which is situated around 15 kms. away from Roing. Surrounded by majestic mountains, lush greenery and a beautiful river, it proves to be a perfect place to settle down to enjoy the scenic beauty. To add to the beauty, ferry rides are also provided to visitors here between Roing and Dambuk. During the ride, one is left breathless by the view of the mountain range with the Himalayan rocks dangling out and mesmerizing all.

Tourism in Roing


Mayudia is a hill resort located at a distance of 56 km from Roing, the headquarters of the Lower Dibang Valley district in Arunachal Pradesh. It is the magical land of snowfall. Mayudia is fast emerging as a major tourist spots of Arunachal Pradesh. Mayudia is a paradise for the nature lovers. It is situated at a height of 2655 m. The area is surrounded by lofty hills which are covered with snow. The habitat of Mayudia comprises of temperate forests.

It is said that the name of Mayudia comes after a Nepali girl Maya who went missing in the snow to never come back. Mayudia is an extremely beautiful place having immense potential as a tourist spot. Mayudia is called the magical land of snowfall. One of the important aspects of the hill resort is that during the months of December to March snowfall could be enjoyed in the place. The mountains around Mayudia are covered with thick layers of snow.

Mayudia is a paradise for the adventure lovers. It is an ideal place for trekking and hiking. Trekking in the snow-covered mountain could be a splendid experience. The natural vegetation and lush greenery of the place is awe-inspiring. A little away from the place one can notice wildlife species like bears, wild goars and flying squirrels.

Mayudia is also important for bird watching. It is a paradise for bird watchers. Birds like Darjeeling woodpecker, slender-billed scimitar-babbler and wards tragon could be seen in the place.

How to Reach Mayudia

By Road:
Mayudia is situated 56 km from Roing. Roing is connected to Tinsukia in Assam. Regular bus services are available from Tinsukia.

By Rail:
The nearest railway station to Roing is Tinsukia which is situated at a distance of 231 km.

By Air:
The nearest airport is Dibrugarh airport which is situated at a distance of 267 km.

Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary

With an area of 282 sq. kms., Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the lower Dibang Valley district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Declared as a sanctuary in 1980, it is home to many wild animals such as tiger, hoolock gibbon, leopard and clouded leopard.

Geography of Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary

The terrain region of the sanctuary ranges from an altitude of 1300 feet above sea level to 11706 feet. The exact location of the sanctuary is between latitudes of 28°5'- 28°15'N & longitude of 93°30'-95°45'E.

Fauna and Flora in Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is home to many species of animals ranging from mammals to avians to amphibians. Some of the mammals species commonly spotted here are Asiatic wild dog, leopard cat, spotted linsang, Malay treeshrew, common otter and slow loris. Birds that move around here include the pied hornbill, Himalayan kingfisher, Goosebander among others. Different shaped snakes are also found in the sanctuary which also includes poisonous ones.

Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary

The Mehao Wildlife sanctuary has four different types of forests which are:

  • Temperate coniferous forests- Altitude from 9200 feet to 11500 feet above sea level
  • Tropical evergreen forests- altitude of 3000 feet above sea level
  • Temperate broadleaf forest- altitude from 5900 feet to 9200 feet above sea level
  • Sub – tropical and temperate forests- 3000 feet to 5900 feet above sea level
The flora sector here is also huge in number for different kinds of tree species can be found here such as Maesa indica, Costus species, Tephrosia candida, Abizzia lucida, Messua ferra, Dillenia indica, Dendrocalamus hamitonii, Phyllostchya bamusoides, Bambussa pallid amongst others. Some of the rarest of species are also found here, the reason which research workers come from places to have studies on them.

Tourism in Roing

Accommodation in Roing

With the tourist numbers increasing everyday, Roing has set up quite a good number of lodges and guest houses in order to provide the best hospitality to its visitors. Camps are common in the area for the people coming to this part of India mainly prefers nature to luxuries. Thus, providing proper camps and tents are the best way to give them the best of nature and they love it as well. The accommodation along with the food of the area is also worth cherishing. Locals make amazing food and serve them to the tourists giving them a homely atmosphere. Some of the accommodation facilities in Roing are as follows:

Mishmi Hill Camp
Ezengo, Lower Dibang Valley, Roing, India

Hotels in Roing

Dibang Valley Jungle Camp
12th Mile, Roing
Pin Code: 792110, India

Accomodation in Roing

Forest Rest House
Mayudia, Roing
Pin Code: 792110, India

Accomodation in Roing

Circuit House
Roing, India

Eje Breeze Tower
Roing, Pin Code: 792110, India

Hotel Lhasa
03803- 2222622

Hotel Mimu

DS Hotel & Resort

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